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Chaplin, Mr Bean inspired Ranbir for 'Barfi' role

Ranbir Kapoor.


Actor Ranbir Kapoor, who will be seen as a happy-go-lucky deaf and mute guy in 'Barfi', says, he
drew inspiration from the characters of Charlie Chaplin and Mr Bean to get into the skin of the role.
Helmed by Anurag Basu, the film tells the story of Murphy (Ranbir Kapoor), fondly known as 'Barfi' and his friendship with Ileana D'Cruz and Jhilmil (Priyanka Chopra), which in a way leads to several twists and turns in his life.


Ranbir excels with his intricate gestures and body language in the role, which reminds one of Mr Bean and Charlie Chaplin. On whether he took que from the legendary characters, Ranbir said, "Yes definitely that was an inspiration, we did not copy or tried to replicate it. I took all my influence
(from them). Also, I am grandson of Raj Kapoor, so I would have little bit of that in me, it automatically came."


For this character of 'Barfi', the 29-year-old did not have any difficulty as he followed Anurag's directions. "When he (Anurag Basu) narrated me the script I thought I will have to do lot of work for the character and learn sign language and all. But he was very clear..he did not want an actor to show his acting abilities or method acting he wanted it to be relatable, everyone should understand it," Ranbir said.


"So if I am talking in sign language you all (audience) won't understand it...so I will have to relate to in a way that you would understand this film. It was not difficult as it is he who knew the characters well. He lived one and half years of his life on this film..he has given it to all," he said.


On his growth as an actor, Ranbir said, "I think with every film you grow, or you would like to believe  that you are growing. If there is not growth then you start hitting a saturation point and you should retire. I don't want to say that I am a good actor, that when the film releases..how they like it?we have given our heart, blood and sweat for this film."


Priyanka, who plays the role of an autistic woman in 'Barfi' did face some difficulty initially. "I work for the heart and not for the money. Even I thought the role of Jhilmil will be difficult, it was a bit
initially. Anurag sir had created an atmosphere like that...I just followed him. It is a very special character and I hope you all like it. It is definitely one of my most endearing characters," Priyanka said.


'Barfi' is slated to release on September 14


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