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What makes Salman Khan dance?


The Dabangg Khan is undoubtedly the king of waggle when it comes to dancing Bollywood ishtyle. But did you know that there’s a secret to each step he does with blockbuster results? Now you do!

Buzz is that Salman Khan has a brand new signature move awaiting us in his upcoming sequel toDabangg. But guess what, we aren’t surprised at all! And that’s ‘coz Sallu bhai is known to waggle a different part of himself in a different way for every new movie he does. So why would it be any different for his upcoming Dabangg 2, right?

But while we aren’t wide-eyed with surprise, our grey cells are a tad bit hooked on to what actually goes into making those moves work. Biceps, belts, pockets (if available), towels and oodles of attitude are all that anyone could possibly need, even Salman. But it’s not mindless waggling, mind you. From counting the change in your pockets to a lesson in personal hygiene, Salman has a tiny lesson hidden in all his signature moves. Care to learn more? Then go ahead, the crash course awaits you right here!

Ready to Dhinkachika

No fashion designer would have thought that the li’l compartment in trousers would prove to be a prop for Sallu’s signature step. But it was! And apart from entertaining onlookers, this step even helps a person figure out the exact amount of chillar (change) he has stashed away.

The Bodyguard flexes ‘em

Salman Khan is a huge fan of workouts, we know. But things get more interesting when the actor makes a signature step out of the flexing. It’s a step, a workout and an art too! Isn’t it? And we’re sure many would have lost their bingo wings while trying this one out.

Belting the Dabangg step

Belts are used to hold pants up, right? But that’s not the case when it comes to Salman’s dancing. And we say this only after watching the title song of Dabangg. Notice that the belt should not be too tight around your waist. ‘Coz in this song, no one really cares if it holds your pants up, but it should be loose enough to waggle. If not, you fail at this signature step. Dear Salman, care to tell us how many times your pants fell down during this number? Wink, wink.

Want(ed) a shirted jalwa?

If you wanna clean the back of your neck, here’s the classic move. Salman demonstrates a simple step using the collar and the corner of his shirt. Pull it from both sides and lo! you have a squeaky clean nape!

Towelling it before popping the question – Mujhse Shaadi Karogi?

Wanna be squeaky clean before proposing to the girl of your dreams? Then here’s one step you should follow, but in your bathroom. And for all those who aren’t aware of Salman’s contribution to the world of personal hygiene…watch this!

Fingers that spell ‘magic’ in Ek Tha Tiger!

The latest body part that fascinated Sallu bhai were fingers. Check out the way he waggles them in the song ‘Masha Allah’ from Ek Tha Tiger to impress Katrina Kaif. What’s more, one look at this video and we’re sure PC Sorcar, the magician, would have developed a complex. Teehee!

A remix of belt and biceps for Dabangg 2

But after using a range of props and body parts, it looks like Salman has run out of options. So for his upcoming sequel to Dabangg, Sallu will be seen waggling both biceps and belt simultaneously. Whoa! Clearly, Dabangg 2 is getting bigger, at least as far as the Dabangg Khan’s moves go…


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