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Diana Penty is scared of Randeep Hooda


Mumbai: This actress is always quick to press the panic button. In fact Diana Penty has had a couple of episodes where she may have over-reacted a bit. As a first-time actor, it’s understandable that Diana may have had misgivings about facing the camera. But she apparently was also scared of her co-star Randeep Hooda!"

Randeep, who plays her husband in Cocktail, is portrayed as a foul-mouthed and aggressive character. Diana says, “I was very scared. He was real while doing those violent scenes. So much so that all the expressions that you see on my face were for real. I didn’t even need to put on an act.”

Another episode actually involves some rather enthusiastic fans. Diana recalls, “I had gone to watch the film with my friends. On my way out, some guys suddenly, rushed toward me. I began screaming in fear. I was later told that they just wanted a photograph with me.”

Diana Penty is scared of Randeep Hooda


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