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It's official! Sunny Leone says bye to porn

The past is left behind, the future beckons for Sunny Leone. With a new career calling in Bollywood, Sunny has announced that she is saying good bye to the very profession that made her 'the Sunny' that she is known today. It is goodbye to porn movies for her as she looks at settling down in the "Looking at the response that she is getting in Bollywood, Sunny has decided to shut shop on porn. It is going to be only feature films for now. AfterJism 2, she is anyways doing one more confirmed film. Other than that, she is already in talks with other filmmakers too ever since she arrived in Mumbai last weekend", informs our well placed source. Sunny was particularly buoyed when feelers started coming from some of the bigwigs of the industry. With the doors of Bollywood opening for her, she has decided to give porn a break. 

"She would continue to travel between Los Angeles and Mumbai now", the source adds, "She owns a company out there in LA which deals with adult business. She can't entirely ignore that. This means adult movies would still be made but she would be mainly in the production and supervision capacity. As for applying the greasepaint, it would only be for Hindi films now." 

On contacting, Sunny confirmed that these are indeed her midterm plans for now. "Yes, for next couple of years it would be only feature films for me. Of course I would be continuing to make adult movies in West; after all I have an office and a staff there which means I have to keep the ball rolling there. However, I won't be seen in these films." 

Tell her that her online fans would be disappointed and she smiles, "Well, see me on the big screen, that should be bonus good enough." 

As for her big screen outing, she does admit that there is a fair bit of anxiety around the audience response. 

Pretty much sounding like a seasoned heroine who has gone through the drill of interviews and promotion, Sunny says, "Of course, for me to step into a feature film was a big decision. There is a definite story which is being told in Jism 2, it is not frivolous cinema by any means. Pooja (Bhatt) did tell me that she would present me well. Yes, the promos may have given an indication of a sex-laden film but inherently it is a dramatic thriller. Wait for some surprises." 

Well lady, we are for sure! Though we do wonder if leaving the very profession that made you would be entirely a good decision after all.


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