Bigg Boss 6, day 43: Imam threatens to strip, the most shocking episode ever

New Delhi: For the first time in the history of ‘Bigg Boss’, the creative team had to go inside the house to control a contestant. Artist, choreographer, body language expert and image consultant Imam Siddiqui crossed all lines on day 43 and gave a tough time to his housemates Aashka Goradia and Dinesh Lal Yadav. They were staying together in the mud house, built adjacent to the main Bigg Boss house.

Aashka and Dinesh were already irritated with his habit of talking endlessly. He kept on repeating one line in front of the cameras, “I am here to play a game.” Finally Aashka told him, “People who don’t matter to me don’t affect me. You are simply overacting. Please somebody give him his medicine.”

Imam continued to argue with her. Later, he went inside the confession room and started pretending that Bigg Boss is talking to him. He was later seen hiding Aashka’s stuff under his bed. He told Bigg Boss that he is prepared for any punishment for doing this.

When Aashka and Dinesh tried to complain about this to Bigg Boss, Imam didn’t let them go inside the confession room. Aashka told him that he has seen so many cameras for the first time and he is simply showing his desperation now.

After all this, he started howling in front of the cameras and demanded an apology from Aashka. He also told Bigg Boss that he doesn’t want to be a part of the show and packed his bags. After all this, Aashka finally came out, but Imam refused to talk to her. With an artificial expression she said sorry to the cameras.

Imam still kept on telling Bigg Boss that he wants to go. When Bigg Boss didn’t take any action, he started breaking utensils inside the house. Scared Aashka and Dinesh kept their doors closed. He refused to have any discussion with Bigg Boss and threatened to strip in front of the cameras. The Bigg Boss team had to go inside the house to stop him. Finally, Bigg Boss decided to throw him out of the house because of his violent and uncontrollable behaviour.

Contestants like Kamaal R Khan, Dolly Bindra and Pooja Misrra were also ejected from the show, but Imam has certainly beaten all of them. It seems he could not really handle the pressure of being on the camera all the time.



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