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→ Because Filmystan is one of the top Indian entertainment portals in India.

→ Higher percentage of youth population, the impulsive shoppers who take instant decisions.

→ After email and chat, entertainment is the next big wave on the Internet, that’s why we provide thousands of entertainment content and Bollywood stuff which interests the surfers.

→ Lighter pages and easily accessible content. Banners placed prominently at the top of the page, for    better click throughs.

Site Features:

→ We are updating all latest bollywood events regularly in fraction of minutes. → A huge Collection of free mp3s available to download. → Directly connected with celebrity fans through social media network. → 6 Million Unique Facebook Users.


Fact Sheet:

→ A Facebook fans base of 6 million. → 100s of articles updating daily. → 1000s of MP3s already uploaded. → Daily updated videos. → User friendly pages.


Advertisement Opportunities:

→ 728×90 banner on top of the page. → 300×250 button on any specific page. → Prominently located text link. → Section Sponsorship.


Geographic Breakup:

→ India : 70% Pakistan : 10% NRI(US) : 4% NRI(Non-US) : 16%


So what are you waiting for?

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