Sunny Leone’s secrets revealed: Jessica Alba, perfect legs and more

There are no perfect bodies, there are only fit bodies, says Leone

Bollywood’s steamy actress, more famous for her physical attributes than her acting skills, believes there is no such concept called a ‘perfect body’.


Even as she speaks of how consistently she works out every day and is a conscientious eater, and harps on having a “fit’ body, she secretly admires Jessica Alba.

There are only ‘fit bodies’, no ‘perfect’ bodies, says Sunny Leone, who claims to take private dance lessons and spends at least an hour at the gym five times a week.

However, she admits diet does play a significant role in being fit. “I eat what I want in moderation and try not to eat junk food every day. The only supplements I have are the vitamins for my bones and joints. I forget to diet after a shoot is over but work really hard to be fit.”

Sunny Leone also has a crazy belief on dieting. “I have always been told that if you are not suffering, you are not dieting.” Guess, that’s the reason why she stays away from pasta.

She considers her legs to be the best part of her body and confesses that she hates training to her arms. “I love training to keep my legs and booty in good shape. My legs are the best part of my body. I hate workouts for my arms.”

Ms Leone makes it clear that her “fit” physique is the result of hard work. “I just keep working hard until I get there. There is no easy fix to staying fit. It’s just dedication to yourself and your body. All you have to do is dedicate 1 hour to yourself. You deserve to be healthy and fit. If you have a lot of weight to lose and are doing nothing then just start off walking every day for 30 minutes and work your way up to an hour. Obviously, do weight training. But I believe if you are not someone that works out then take it a little slow and work up to everything. You don’t want to work out so hard the first day that you can’t move for the next two days. Be consistent and push through.

But here comes, the mother of all secrets. She would love to have Jessica Alba’s body.


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