India prefers Sunny Leone too hot for Bollywood

After India rejected her covered-up, ramp debut, she’s back doing what she does best…

Now, that her first film ‘Jism2’ is out of the way, adult movie star Sunny Leone is working extremely hard to give her fans a thrilling second act.

This time it’s for a horror flick titled ‘Ragini MMS2’, which is backed by famed producer Ekta Kapoor.

After the audience rejected her recent, covered-up ramp walk for Indian designer Rohhit Verma, Sunny is back at doing what she does best… set the screen on fire.

However, the overtly ambitious Ekta is ensuring Sunny is well trained to do the part, and has hired four experts to prep the seductress for a month before the filming kicks in.

“Four different trainers are in the process of being appointed to train Sunny in different performance forms. While two will coach her in acting and diction, another will be involved with the physical training,” reported an Indian Bollywood wesbite. The details of the fourth coach still remains sketchy.

As part of her training, she has also been told to watch many Hollywood horror flicks and some famous telly shows.

Ever since Sunny has set foot in Bollywood, she has been busy signing movie parts and endorsements deals, wasting no time in making hay while the sun shines.

She’s signing on absolutely anything, and everything, that she can lay her hands on. From sex sprays to condoms, Sunny isn’t shying away from putting her pretty face to perk up sales of products that Bollywood actresses are uncomfortable endorsing.

According to media reports, the Canadian-born star shot for the spray commercial wearing a bikini and lying in a bathtub.

Sunny’s popularity has been soaring off-screen as well, with seasoned actors like Abhay Deol lauding the actress for her unabashed acts.

“I’m glad we had Sunny Leone do a film. I hope more adult stars come in to our industry as they fit in well. We are so overtly sexual yet we deny our sexuality. In such a situation, it`s better to get someone from the porn industry who is completely uninhibited. It just might help us be more uninhibited. Because we are not open, we put our girls into the skimpiest of costumes,” the actor told an Indian daily.

After leading a very risqué life, Sunny is now desperate to find a more acceptable slot in Bollywood.

Apart from taking dancing and diction lessons, Sunny has also gone completely ethnic for her Indian ramp debut. Despite the new-look, a few media persons snubbed her initiative by claiming “no one even recognized Sunny because she was so covered up”.

Criticisms aside, Sunny is also celebrating moving into her new pad in Mumbai, after spending the last few months in hotels.

According to the India media, she has shifted base to Mumbai and moved into her new 3-bedroom apartment in Andheri. “It is so exciting to be in my new place. My husband and I have been shopping like maniacs all over Mumbai, trying to get our place to feel like home as fast as possible,” she reportedly told an Indian newspaper.


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