Jab Tak Hai Jaan: Time to search for a new king of romance

New Delhi: The common viewers as well as the critics agreed on one fact after watching ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’ is that Shah Rukh Khan has given a satisfying performance in the film despite the flaws in his characterisation. However, he would not be there for long to play the quintessential romantic hero, for obvious reasons.

So, it’s the time for Bollywood to start looking for a new hero who could replace Shah Rukh Khan as the ultimate romantic hero of the Hindi film industry.

There are actors who have shown the promise to emerge as a good romantic hero but age is not on their side because most of those actors are in their early thirties or late twenties. If they start doing out and out romantic roles at this juncture of their career, they will either look misfit or over the top.

Shahid Kapoor still has boy-ish charm and a little innocence on his face, but he hasn’t looked very convincing as a romantic lead in the past.

Similarly, Ranbir Kapoor is an actor who has good acting potential and ‘Barfi’ showed his range. He is 30 and experimental, but probably he would not go for happy-go-lucky roles. If he goes than he could be a good replacement for SRK.

The time has changed and filmmakers have decided to make films which can suit the mindset of the contemporary generation, therefore every new actor is doing character driven films rather than theme driven films.

The Indian audiences have a distinct idea of a romantic hero, and any actor with rough-tough appearance might not match their expectations, so the choice gets very limited. Ranveer Singh and others of his league are not the ‘innocent’ lover-boys.

The filmmakers and veteran actors know this fact and that’s why they are still going for established actors. In this scenario, one would just wish for a new talent to emerge and fulfil the vacant slot.



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