Five things Sunny Leone loves madly

Sunny Leone has finally established herself as a Bollywood actress. We know about her weak acting skills but she has also proved that she can make a film successful by the virtue of just being part of it. But Sunny is not like any other porn star. After reinventing her relationship with India she has gradually started loving this land. We recently found out that Sunny is quite crazy about five things. What are they? Let’s find out from her tweets.

Mc Donalds: Can I just say that I love Mc Donalds!! She tweeted recently.

Shopping:  Loving calcutta!! Shopping shopping shopping!!!

 It was so much fun dancing the last two days. Spent close to 14hours. Back to dance classes all da

y today…loving it.

India: ”Best of all I get to share it with @DanielWeber99 we both are in awe of india and love being here.”

Bollywood: It has given Sunny Leone the recognition that was so much missing in her life. “I might just be sensitive but I can’t believe this is all happening.I thank God everyday for my beautiful life &the wonderful people in it.”

Why the world is obsessed with Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone cannot act, she has proved this in Jism 2, Sunny is pretty, but not the prettiest, she has a great body but not the best, she is a porn star, but there are many, so what makes her so special?

Why is the world so obsessed with Sunny Leone? What makes her one of the most searched celebs and one of the most desirable women?

Sunny Leone’s website too puts up the same question.

The answer seems to lie in pics which the porn star posts on her website which is ofcourse paid and hence off limits for a huge percentage of her admirers.

Sunny is desired so much because she is a sexy seductress with a bit of innocence attached to her. We see her doing porn but we hear her talking about her dance classes, her training and her Bollywood ambitions. Sunny keeps porn in the professional compartment of her life and hardly ever talks dirty on social websites as the likes of Poonma Pandey and Sherlyn Chopra do. This of course does not clean her image, but it surely makes her stand apart from those who adopt cheap means to gain popularity.

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