REVEALED: Alia Bhatt’s Bold Avatar

MUMBAI: Alia Bhatt is no stranger to bold and risqué movies. Being Mahesh Bhatt’s daughter, the 19-year old debutante is all too familiar with the kind of films made by her father’s production banner.

Though the pretty teenager chose to make her own debut in a Karan Johar ‘safe’ film, ‘Student Of The Year’, the spunky teen is not averse to different kinds of cinema.

And neither is she against bold scenes and skin show, if that is the demand of the script.

The beautiful star revealed that “I don’t consider kissing a taboo. I won’t do it (expose) for the heck of it. If the script demands and it is justified.. will do it. Like in ‘Student of The Year’ I have worn a bikini. I was very comfortable doing that because it was required and it isn’t that I haven’t worn bikini in real life,” Alia told reporters.

The youngster is not averse to kissing scenes and revealing costumes, if the character is required to do so. This proves that we might just see Alia in one of her father’s films, playing the role of a bold and beautiful character.

The lady is a keen follower of her father’s films too, and says, “I love their (Vishesh Films’) films. But that doesn’t mean I love all their films. There are films that I don’t like and I tell them about it too but there are films that I love as well,” she said.

However, considering Vishesh Films style, she chose to debut in a Karan Johar classic entertainer instead. “You can call it safe. Bhatt camp makes films that are different. At the end of the day, it is all about how convincing you are onscreen. Like Emraan Hashmi started with Vishesh Films and today he is a superstar,” she said.

Looks like the teenager is keen to follow in her cousin’s footsteps, and wants to someday make her name in the Industry much like Emraan Hashmi has done.


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